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Our Services

Management Consulting

Our management services are hands-on; we effectively conduct our services through a systematic approach.

This is in partnership with our clients and stakeholders as we support them, while bridging the obvious gaps in their business by offering the following:

Services Rendered
  • Strategic Management Consulting (case reviews)
  • Organisational Controls Assessment (OCA) services
  • Organisational Development strategy
  • Strategic Planning/ Scenario Planning
  • Change Management
  • Sustainability and Succession Planning
  • Corporate Governance Strategies

We do this, after assessing the risk (both non-financial and financial) impact of clients’ business objectives. With this we will help build and grow your concept into a successful strategy.


We work with various experts in this regard, where we provide services for NGOs and Civil Society Organisations in meeting their responsibility with donors and principal partners and government institutions while simultaneously understanding their service-based strategy. We do this by offering the following:

Services Rendered
  • Monitoring and evaluation services
  • Strategy review for sustainability
  • Strategy development and strategy alignment
  • Sponsored research on innovation and strategic collaboration
  • Research on socio economic projects
  • Developing grant writing and proposals per strategy

Private Equity and Financing

We seek to understand our client’s needs, bridging their needs with potential financing institutions.

We do this by building partnerships with financial institutions and other stakeholders, where we offer:

Service Rendered
  • Financial strategy modelling
  • Growth capital strategy modelling
  • Sustainability strategies e.g. turnaround, acquisition and mergers
  • Resource mobilisation strategies
  • Modelling for project financing, per different sectors

We do this by bridging the gap between the entrepreneur and the financial institution, where we engage with more piloting approaches for the client and financial institution and or the private equity partner in this regards per their mission and mandates.

We do this by following the three step approach:

  • Client needs/ requirements
  • Financing/ equity partner synergy
  • The relationship building and deal making

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

Managing your books, financial affairs, and becoming compliant with tax obligation, are a tool for sustainable business, a tool to grow your business.  We are here to support and to offer you the best services available. All service packages are based on the use of Pastel Accounting software – allowing ease of presentation and analysis. The software rate is available by SAGE, for clients that want their own pastel systems. However, we naturally assist in such regards. 

NGO/Civil Society fees attract our CSR support at 5% discount, for the services they opt for.

Service Packages
  • Monthly: We work with you hopefully within 3 to 5 working days in a month, for the service required.
  • Weekly: We work with you every week, perhaps 2-3 days every week, for the services required.
  • Daily: We work with you every day possible 5 to 7 hours a day, for the services required.
  • Quarterly: We offer you all the services and provide comprehensive reports for management decision and advisory services for business growth and sustainability, working daily five to seven hours a day.
Bookkeeping services
  • Invoice Capturing
  • Processing Invoice
  • Generating Report
  • Debtors/creditors reports
  • Accounting Reports (Financial Statement)
  • Taxation – VAT reports
  • Taxation – PAYE report
  • Taxation- SARS- Income Tax reports
  • Additional services support
  • Reports/ Social development reporting (DSD)
  • *CIPC Annual Returns
  • TCC – Tender/ Good Standing
  • Support Management (internal control)
  • Audit support (internal & external)
  • *Advisory Service
  • Tendering and bid preparation supports
  • *Strategic Business Review Support – Growth Strategy Options.
  • Monthly Reporting – R3750 per month
  • Weekly Reporting – R6899 per month
  • Daily Reporting – R9999 per month
  • Quarterly Reporting – R13 899 per month
  • For NGO/Civil Society – R13 899 per month

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