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Empowering our stakeholders through knowledge sharing-workshops/conference and seminars.

Our Client and Services

City of Johannesburg – legislature: Conducted a review of the city of Johannesburg legislature, organizational structural, assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the system, redesigning for it full function and mechanism for the legislature to perform an oversight role over the executives, in meeting its mandates.

City of Johannesburg Social Benefit Unit: Conducting evaluative training assessment for 70 NGO’s with about 210 participating delegates and CBO on governance, and Project Management

City of Johannesburg, Planning, Policy and Research Unit: Conducted an Impact assessment of the expanded social packages programme (ESP) for the City of Johannesburg, social development section for decision making with 28,000 target beneficiaries, across three regions.

Conducted impact assessment of the senior citizen programme intervention on their livelihood, for the policy unit of City of Johannesburg, with about 18,000 target beneficiaries in three regions.

A process evaluation for the social re-integration of peacebuilding project, where over 2000 ex-servicemen were trained to manage Co-operative, and Community Based Organization (CBO) as a tool for sustainable livelihood eg vegetable gardening and bakery etc.

Training And Development:

  • Designing of the program.
  • Facilitated a workshop on Fundraising strategies – As Micro three strategy, SAM as contact trainee.
  • http://www.smartxchange.co.za/ 

Consultancy services:

  • Project proposal,
  • Training and fundraising support -Johannesburg red cross.

Accounting /Finance:

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Monthly financial statement reporting,
  • Quarterly financial statement reporting
  • Annual Financial statement reporting -for Audit purpose
  • http://www.saha.org.za/ 
Research/evaluation: IDS/SCORE-LGT projects
Performed Evaluation for the Leading the Game (LTG) project across three provinces. We assessed the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of behavioral change, HIV/AIDS stigma and discrimination reduction, education and programme design, monitoring & leadership skills from the project objectives.

The project achievement over a five years implementation period. From a sample of about 18000 target beneficiaries, who had benefited from the program.

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