AA Consulting and Associates is a dynamic management consulting firm, that believes  in success as a necessity in private enterprise system and considers its responsibility to help both Non-profit and public sector organizations administer their services credibly and undoubtedly.

Our approach to services is based on a participatory process with excellent team of expertise, where the client comes first.  we offers   Strategic management Consulting, Accounting and Governance ,  Research ,and with a prime goal to help bridging the sustainability and professional skill gap of our clients, having our clients objectivity in mind for a more sustainable business and organizational growth. We say; your growth is our concern


Management Consulting


Our management services are hands on, we effectively conducted our service through a systematic approach. This is with our proven success to our clients we offer

  • Strategic Management Consulting (case reviews)
  •  Organizational Controls Assessment (OCA) services
  • Organisational Development strategy
  • Project Management, Implementation and Report Writing Support
  • All Risk Consulting (Pure and Financial Risk)


The services are based on area specific per client needs and requirement; these are offered with high level services excellence per the different assignment range, that is;

  • Accounting, and Bookkeeping Services
  • Internal Control and Auditing Services


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Our work on research are based on client requirement, from within our system to the client office, This is our strategy for growth to our client, where we provide;

  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Strategy Review for Sustainability
  • Strategy Development and Strategy Aligning for Growth

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We exist to create opportunities and promote growth for individuals, and organizations, private, public and non profit (Large, Medium Enterprises and Small (LMSEs)), through effectual entrepreneurship, management development and productivity enhancement, workshops/seminars, training and strategic Consulting, as a hands on services.  

We act and respond strategically to clients’ problems in the ever changing economic environment and beyond bridging the gaps of our client’s challenges towards sustainable growth and development.

Running Programs


This meet-up is a Seminar/workshop setting, the Program activities serve to inform participating

delegates on the needs for CSR protocols, as a tool for gaining competitive advantage and the

ethical sense for CSR as business strategy.

Expected impact – Delegates will be able to develop acompetitive advantage with CSR Protocols

–expected delegates are CSR officers, administrators, NGO’s, Consultants, student’s, academia’s in Ghana

(industry specific are welcome).

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